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To the International Wirehaired Pointing (Korthals) Griffon Database, powered by Alfirin Technologies.

The information in the database was collected over 30 years from genealogical tables, studbooks, catalogues, public forms, and information submitted by individuals. The database is meant as a helping tool for the owner, breeder and interested individuals. This is not a complete database, instead it is a work in progress. The database is made in Breedmate software.

How to find a Pedigree: If you want to search for a dog select "search database" from the above menu. Please note:

In searching the database, Edward Korthals Patriarchs are marked with a (P) following their names.
In approx. 1980 there was a movement in the US Only to mix breed the Czech Fousek with the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. The names of the CF's used are marked with a (*) behind their names. The WPG/CF crosses are marked with (**) following their names.

Using 5 generations gives the best on screen view. However when the dog comes up on the next page, select pedigree with links and you can navigate back as many generations as you choose for complete research. Do not choose the web page alternative.  You will get a not found error. 

Date Format - The date of birth is given in the form mm/dd/yyyy. Ex: January 14, 2018.

Health Clearances - The online database is unable to show all the health clearances on the main database. The open database information from OFA-hips-heart-elbows-thyroid, Penn Hip can be obtained by contacting Barbara Young.

Links - If you use pedigrees from this site on your homepage, we expect a link back to the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Pedigree database. Also please consider linking to the Korthals Griffon Club of America

Thank You - to the many individuals who have shared their information and helped make this database a reality.


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